Monday, April 25, 2011

The things that are lurking under your fridge....

Ok I am going to get very real here. If you own animals (cats and/or dogs) that eat dry food and are fed in your kitchen keep reading.  If not, you may want to stop here or at least wait until after lunch.

I didn't know this, honest I didn't. I just cleaned under my fridge. Like moved it out of its spot scrubbed the floor....cleaned under my fridge. I know over the years that bits of cat food have gone under the fridge when sweeping and I expected to find some. One of the cats likes to "play" with the food before he eats it and some of it gets away.  What I found was worse than I could ever imagine!!! There was cat food, lots and lots and lots of cat food "dust" and fluffy "stuff". Upon further examination of the fluffy "stuff" ...MAGGOTS. Yes, MAGGOTS. Their dead carcasses were the fluffy "stuff". I am so grossed out at the moment I'm actually sick to my stomach.

So word to the wise. Do not feed your animals dry food in your kitchen near your refrigerator. If you do, you may want to clean under your fridge too...and then move where you feed them.

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